D&D players

ManyWorld of Warcraft fans know that Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a major influence on the game.

D&D predates World of Warcraft by 30 years, and it pioneered the idea of taking on the role of an adventurer who explores dungeons to slay monsters. Many (if not all) of the classes in D&D are also present in World of Warcraft such as the druid, paladin, rogue, warlock, and monk. Therefore, it makes sense to include D&D references in World of Warcraft itself.

D&D hedge maze

To find the D&D players, you’ll have to go to the hedge maze in Boralus. You’ll then have to find a cellar within that hedge maze. Once you access it, you’ll find a group of Proudmoore Cadets in a secret basement playing the globally popular tabletop game.

D&D Proudmoore CadetsD&D Proudmoore Cadets

Some dialogue options are rather humorous. One of them makes a reference to the bard class, which has been a long-running joke throughout World of Warcraft history. It was “revealed” as a hero class during April Fool’s Day 2008.

D&D Bard is a class

Other references to the game are dialogue options here, such as “It would be easier to heal you if you didn’t stand in the fire all the time” and “Don’t spill your ale on my character sheet!” which are clear references to¬†World of Warcraft¬†and D&D respectively.

World of Warcraft is effectively the child of Dungeons & Dragons.

Aside from being the inspiration for World of Warcraft, there is a lot of crossover between the tabletop gaming phenomenon and the MMORPG. Matt Mercer, creator of Critical Role, a web series where professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons, has also voiced several characters in World of Warcraft. A 2015 Slate article said, “Without D&D there would be no basis for computer role-playing games or massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The relationship between these institutions and tabletop RPGs is self-evident, each ending its categorical title with role-playing game.”

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