The Battle For Azeroth beta is brimming with new NPC models and weapon models.

the Battle For Azeroth beta has revealed several new NPC models and weapon models. This includes the Rastakhan weapon, which has several recolor variants.

Battle For Azeroth Rastakhan Weapon

The kakapo, which is also a real-life bird, is an interesting inclusion in the new build. The actual bird is endemic to New Zealand. As of December 2016, only 149 of these exist in the world, making it critically endangered. This could possibly call attention to the plight of the actual kakapo itself, as one commenter pointed out in the latest build announcement. There are rumors that it might be a pet available in the game. Due to its real-life status as a critically endangered species, it could also be a charity pet in the future.

Battle for Azeroth Kakapo

Some other inclusions in the game include the monkey skeleton captain and monkey skeleton pirates, leading some commenters to call them “undead Hozen” and “skeleton Hozen.”

Battle For Azeroth Monkey Skeleton Captain

Battle For Azeroth Monkey Skeleton Pirate

The inclusion of pirate hooks means a new fist weapon in the game. This might be a good transmog option for those who are looking to rock out in full pirate gear.

Battle For Azeroth Pirate Hook

Several reskins of crabs are another highlight of this build. It could be possible that these crabs could be rare in-game pets or even hunter pets. The skins of the crabs suggest that at least two of the models are faction-specific. However, as with all beta builds, nothing is final.

Battle For Azeroth Crab One Battle For Azeroth Crab Two Battle For Azeroth Crab Three

As we previously mentioned, Queen Azshara got a makeover in the alpha. Her weapon model has been revealed in the latest beta build. This may lead to more credence that she will be a raid boss in a future content patch.

Battle for Azeroth Queen Azshara weapon model

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