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We have already discussed some of the traits in a previous article.

In Battle for Azeroth, we will see some azerite traits for PvP. The :ast Gift is one of the traits we will see. With the Last Gift, your spells and abilities will have a chance to grant 153 Mastery and absorb 616 damage for 10 seconds. If you take damage from the opposite faction, there is a chance you will activate this effect.

image of huntress kasparian in world of warcratf
Huntress Kasparian

Liberator’s Might is a new ability that causes your spells and abilities to have a chance to grant critical strike and haste. The number of Critical Strike and Haste vary. Though, if you attack a member of the opposite faction, the chance is increased. Retaliation Fury will cause your spells and abilities to have a chance at granting 153 mastery and absorbing 616 damage.

Like most traits, attacking the opposite faction will most likely trigger this effect. Stand as One allows your abilities the chance to drop an alliance banner. The banner will last for 6 seconds, and while it is out your primary stat will increase by 77 and your maximum health will increase by 462. This effect will work on you and up to 4 allies. Sylvanas’ Resolve is another trait that allows your abilities to have a chance to increase your primary stat by 85 for 10 seconds. This ability is gained by an ally near you dying.

image of heroic Kiljaedan
Heroic Tomb Of Sargeras Kil’Jaedan


There will be a range of updates and changes in Battle for Azeroth. We will see new horse models, new maps that are of Abyssal Melody, Breath of Paku, and Rastakhan’s Might ships. Block and Consecration effects might be changing as well. Blizzard is considering a possible change to block. This change would make it so block does not share DR with base armor.

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