New Hero Baptiste

Today, Blizzard announced the origin story for Overwatch’s newest hero Baptiste. This announcement follows on the heels of the new Paris map release and the beginning of Overwatch League Season 2.

Image result for Baptiste Overwatch
The current in-game model of Baptiste. Courtesy of Gamatsu

Origin Story

Baptiste was one of the 30 million children left orphaned during the Omnic War. He and his friends did whatever they had to do to survive, be it stealing or killing. When Talon offered Baptiste a position in their ranks, he took it. He lied to himself and believed that it was his only choice. But it wasn’t. Now he is fighting to make a difference and improve the world, be it with a bandage or with a bullet.

This origin story, combined with the log from Captain Cuerva, gives players a decent view at the character Baptiste will be. It seems that, after accepting Talon’s offer, he realized he had made a mistake and defected from Talon’s cause. Now, it appears that he runs rogue, attempting to better the world destroyed by the Omnic crisis. Maybe Overwatch offered him a position in their ranks? It wouldn’t be the first time a hero decided to switch sides.

Based on our limited knowledge of Baptiste, it seems as if he’ll be a support/DPS hybrid character. This role would make sense if he came from Talon, for I can’t imagine Talon would want someone who could only heal. A great example of this is another Talon support character, Moira. Maybe Baptiste will be a combination of Soldier:76 and Moira. I’m not entirely sure how that would work, but the origin story gave me a soldier vibe.

Not only am I excited for a new support character, but I’m also looking forward to the lore Baptiste could expand upon. Perhaps will see some intense Baptiste and Reaper interactions. Maybe he’ll hate everyone who worked for Talon and Overwatch? Regardless, I think Baptiste will add a lot of connections to the current Overwatch lore.