Dafran Calls it Quits

Daniel “Dafran” Francesca is leaving Atlanta Reign and retiring from the Overwatch League. Instead of continuing his professional, competitive carrier, Dafran plans to return to Twitch with longer, more consistent streams. He will stay with the Reign as a member of their stream team.

Atlanta Reign released this statement, saying that Dafran knew he was going to retire a week before the Stage 1 Playoffs, but wanted the chance to pop off with the team one last time. He also didn’t want to draw attention to himself during the Playoffs.

Dafran commented on his retirement on Twitter, saying he’s “going back to comfy streamer life.” He also talked highly about the owners of Atlanta Reign and thanked them for the opportunity to play professionally in the Overwatch League.

Atlanta Reign Post Dafran

There’s been no news on the Reign’s plans going into Stage 2. The team will have to find a replacement as starting DPS, specifically someone with the ability to play Zarya at a level like Dafran. Hopefully, they’ll find someone who’s not afraid to play Torbjörn professionally as well.

The current three tank/three support meta, dubbed GOATS, has left little room for DPS mains. Players like Dafran, who mains DPS, are instead forced into the role of tank. Typically, these mains switch to Zarya, as she’s the tank with the majority of damage output. When looking for a replacement, the Reign will have to fill both the DPS and tank role for the team. The new teammate will have to be able to switch between these two classes depending on the team composition of the opposing team.

I’m sad to see Dafran go. He added twists to the current Overwatch meta and made the Reign’s games fun to watch. While fans are going to miss him, it’ll be interesting to see who the Reign hires to replace him.