Intrepid is coming for glory. Fueled by the life blood and hard earned money of fans, they just may achieve it.

Watching the panel for this title, there was an excitement to the air surrounding it. A MMORPG for the ages, that’s what seemed to buzz within the murmurs and whispers. The panel members, rather than toning down anticipation or hedging their bets, seemed to embrace and even revel in it. In its own way its was a relief to see this. This is a group that wants the pressure, and they appear to be thriving. Ashes of Creation plans on bringing a different experience for MMORPG fans.

ashesofcreation.comDuring their panel at PAX west 2018, the enthusiastic team expressed joy over how far they had come in just a year. There is currently 100 people approximately working on the project. The panel is anticipating to be up around 200 by the end of the year. The team is dispersed around the world. This indie belle was fan funded via Kickstarter. December 15th 2017 is the day alpha zero was made available to 2500 testers. At PAX east it was announced alpha one would be generated in two parts.

How Will This Be Possible?

Well people, it sounds as if steps 1-5 were make combat the priority. From the jump Creative Director Steve Sharif knew enhanced combat and its proper function would make or break his life long dream. Fan feed back only up’d the ante. Rather than try to steer the ship in another direction, the team said hell ya and turned it up to 11. The weaponry and item images I saw were quite exquisite.  The armor, while stylistically toned down in my humble opinion, was very catching to the eye. It also retained a certain complexity to its design, while not being cartoony.

ashesofcreation.comThe game seems to be on its way to redefining the phrasing ‘fully immersive.’ Also, with various modes of play and siege-like battles, the end result is on you and your ability to master your craft. When Ashes of creation drops, will you become a hero of epic proportions? Furthermore, are you excited for the release? Let us know in the comments!