Diablo Netflix Blizzard Series

With The Recent Installment and Integration of Castlevania into the Netflix Catalogue, Netflix seemingly is interested in expanding its video game theme selection.

Diablo 3 Character Art.

With the recent hype surrounding Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, this would be a perfect time to reveal plans for an adaptation featuring the well loved series. Recently, news debuted about Diablo coming to the Nintendo Switch. Surrounding this hype, rumor has it a possible adaptation is coming to Netflix. And, it’s already nabbed its creator.

This Is All Rumor-Proceed With Grains of Salt

Though this is all still rumor, the timing is perfect. Netflix is making a name for itself in both the gaming adaptations genre, and anime. With this in mind, here’s the rumor:

  • According to the Revenge of the Fans site, writer Andrew Cosby (Hellboy) –was approached to write the Diablo Netflix series. As of now, no other details exist about this alleged series. Diablo made it’s appearance back in 1996, and fans of all Blizzard clamor to see their beloved games brought to life. If this rumor holds to be true, it would be an amazing time for Diablo fans everywhere.

Further Mystery:

Another big detail which remains ever shrouded in questions and mystery is the exact content of the rumored series. Whether based on any of the three Diablo titles, or perhaps a loose adaptation of Blizzards Sanctary remains a mystery. No other details are available at this time. But, c’mon … I wanna see some Demon Hunters and Witch Doctors on the Television!

BlizzCon 2018:

As BlizzCon approaches, many fan theories begin to swirl and circulate about possible revealed titles and content. It is quite possible that there is a reveal here to be made during a Diablo mainstage day. BlizzCon is the largest event in the calendar year for the company. This is a likely spot to make a huge reveal, such as the aforementioned.

Let us know what you think about this possible rumor? Would you like to see Blizzard and Netflix collaborate to produce a Diablo series? What would you enjoy seeing covered in the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!