What are the New Archeology Items in Battle for Azeroth Beta?

Do you love the archeology profession?  Do you farm the content and obtain the mounts, toys, and other available items each expansion?  Are you the opposite?  Does archeology make you want to pull your hair out, and therefore you avoid it like the plague?  Either way, there are some interesting items that can be obtained with this profession in Battle for Azeroth that may make it worthwhile for you this expansion.  Here are the latest updates compiled from the beta test server and Wowhead.

First of all, players will have the option to solve both the Drust Archeology Fragment, and the Zandalari Archeology Fragment.  Both fragments cap out at 200.  Each of these fragments provides three different rare items. So, Archaeologists can obtain a pet, a mount, and a trinket from either one or both of these fragments.  The image below comes from Wowhead as one of the available archeology mounts.

archaeology, bfa, mount
Archaeology Mount Available in BFA Beta

You can summon a ghostly dancing witch with Dance of the Dead toy.  The Pile of Bones will teach you to summon the Restored Revenant mount.  The Fetish of the Tormented Mind is a trinket that’s on-use ability will slow your target’s attack and cast speed by fifteen percent over five seconds.

Players can summon a plague of toads with the Croak Crock toy.  Users will have access to a Direhorn Hatchling mount with the Intact Direhorn Egg.  The Sanguinating Totem will allow you to drain an enemy’s health and, as a result, provides some healing to yourself.

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Archaeology continues to offer unique mounts and pets that make it a fun hobby with unique rewards.  What do you think about this profession?  Do you complete the quests each expansion?  What more would you like to see from archaeology in the future?  Let us know in the comments!