A Renaissance of Futurism

Many people are beginning to embrace the world that is to come while keeping an eye on the past. Such works of “futurism” like Black Panther and the Steampunk movement embrace the future while including the cultural practices and civilizations that came before. As this type of artistic interpretation gains popularity, many game developers are taking notice. They are seeing this trend as an opportunity to create new and exciting stories. This is where Apsulov: End of Gods comes in.

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It is a place where the remnants of the past and the raiments of the future meet. Courtesy of Indie games Plus

Mythology Meets Mechanization

Angry Demon Studio, the Swedish development group that is behind the creation of this game, has taken inspiration from their homeland culture to create this horrific gem. According to the Steam page, this game takes place in the future where an ancient artifact has been unearthed that connects our world to the ancient myths of the Nordic gods. Of course, we find that these are not myths at all, but rather real beings that now express themselves in technology rather than magic.

In this first-person/horror experience, you play as someone who wakes up in a mysterious bunker. Apparently, the place has been built as a tribute to the gods. As you traverse through the bunker, you seek to unravel a profound mystery. A hidden horror and artifact were unearthed that caused all this mechanical menacing, but why and how? It is your goal to “unveil the secrets of the inhabitants, the artifact, and the nine realms of Yggdrasil in Apsulov: End of Gods.”

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Viking artifices carry runes and various other inscription that harken back to the Nordic culture. Courtesy of Indie Games Plus

Coming Soon to the Midgard

From the teaser trailer, this game promises to be a hi-definition horror adventure unlike any other. The game is slated to be released sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2019 here on Midgard, the realm of the humans. I’m sure we will not have to wait much longer until more is revealed about this auspicious and unique title.

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