Overwatch and April Fools?

April Fool’s Day is beloved by some and hated by many. While this holiday typically brings about silly pranks and fake pregnancy scares, it has recently delved into the world of gaming. Overwatch, for example, had quite a few pranks on this most recent holiday. Overwatch League players switched teams, one person made fake patch notes, and the developers even included their yearly Reinhardt jokes. Here are a few of my favorite pranks from this year.

League Teams Shaken Up

One of the most popular themes of pranks this year seemed to be about League teams making some interesting trades. Fake Twitter accounts that looked suspiciously similar to actual teams revealed a few roster trades that had some fans a bit shaken up.

First up, fan favorite Houston Outlaws player Jake was supposedly moving to rival team Dallas Fuel. At the time of the post, @FuelsBadMan changed his twitter to look almost identical to the official Dallas Fuel page. Of course, Jake isn’t leaving the Outlaws anytime soon, but the tweet tricked a few devoted fans.

A similar situation occurred when @ShanghaiDragoms tweeted saying that beloved Pine from New York Excelsior would be joining the underdogs. It seems that fans were excited for this trade, hoping that Pine could carry the team up the standings. Unfortunately, this was nothing more than a joke for unsuspecting Dragons fans.

The best League team prank was not a trade, but a roster addition to the Toronto Defiant. The official team Twitter let fans know the team mascot and pool floaty Duck would be joining the ranks. Not only did they publicize this announcement, they even made a video for the roster change. It’s everything I didn’t know I needed.

Finally, a Mercy Buff

One Overwatch fan was so devoted to April Fool’s Day that they made fake patch notes. These notes were so believable because they weren’t that farfetched. Damage increased slightly, and movement speed decreased, things you would see in actual Overwatch patch notes. Even Mercy got a slight healing buff, something Mercy mains have been wanting for a long time.

Developers Prank Reinhardt Players

The last prank of importance actually made its way onto Overwatch live servers. This feature made it so that anytime a Reinhardt player typed in chat their message would be put in all caps. Extra exclamation marks and a Reinhardt voice line made the text look a bit more like our German tank.

Text-chat for Reinhardt on April Fools Day Courtesy of Dexerto

These pranks were harmless and in good fun, as an April Fool’s Day joke should be. While the League trades tricked fans of certain teams, we all laughed about it in the end. Overwatch players got to enjoy their games with a little extra humor. Now, we say goodbye to the silly pranks until next year.