Changes to Reporting

Newest additions to Apex Legends includes the Season 1 battle pass and Octane. Alongside these changes came some adjustments to hitboxes, better Legend balancing, and—perhaps most important of all—a report player function. Respawn has already banned over 355,000 cheaters from Apex. They are aware that this is an ongoing war and that they’ll need to update continuously to keep the game fair.

Before this most recent update, players could report cheaters directly from the Easy Anti-Cheat website. While this is one method of dealing with this problem, it’s not as efficient as most people want. It’s almost easier to let it go than it is to go through the hassle of reporting.

With the update, players can report cheaters directly while either spectating after death or when looking at the Banner Cards in the Squad tab. This method makes it so that players don’t have to exit the game to report suspicious gameplay.

Apex Legends Aimbot Courtesy of Dexerto


As the function currently works, it was implemented to counter cheaters and not necessarily toxic teammates. While I do think cheating should be Respawn’s priority, toxicity should be addressed soon. Most games when first released have a relatively supportive community, as I believe Apex has for the most part. The longer the game is out, the more people find the need to be rude to others. It’s as if they think a higher skill level gives them the right to trash others.

If someone is struggling with the game, encourage them. Toxicity only forces potential players to abandon the game. If you can help someone improve you should do it, not talk down at them. Frustration shouldn’t be taken out on other players, as we’ve seen in many cases.

Respawn is aware of this problem in Apex and is making strides to create an even playing field for all their players. As Apex progresses and developers make changes to the game, I expect to see improvements in the methods that combat cheating and toxicity. This company cares about its game and the community it has fostered, which is abundantly clear thus far.