Annie Build

“Ashes, Ashes they all fall down”- Annie

If you are looking for a champion with pyrokinetic powers, and a penchant for destruction, then look no further. Annie’s affinity for fire makes her a powerful ally and foe. Her CC and ultimate ability “Tibbers” make her formidable.


Annie-Molten ShieldMolten Shield:

This spell grants Annie and Tibbers damage resistance and will return damage to players who attack with their basic attacks.



This spell hurls a fireball at the target if the target dies upon hit the mana cost for this spell is returned.



This cone of fire will set all enemies it’s path ablaze.



Annie-Summon TibbersSummon Tibbers:

Tibbers casts doom and destruction on all enemies he meets. Every Annie patiently waits for level 6 so they may unleash Tibbers onto the world.


Annie Passive-PyromaniaPassive: Pyromania

After 4 spell casts Annie get’s her passive Pyromania which will stun all enemies hit with her next spell cast.


Best Build for Annie based on Win Probability

Starter Items

According to statistical analysis from League of Graphs, players that start Annie with these 3 items have a win rate of 57%.

1. Warding Totem Trinket- This item will allow you to create visibility for the enemy jungle.

2. Boots of Speed- This item will increase your mobility and increase your chances of a narrow escape.

3. Health Potion- Heal yourself early so you can collect that CS.

Core Build

Players who build these three items at their Core have an overall win percentage of 66.7%.

1. Luden’s Echo- This item will speed up that Tibbers cooldown to maximize destruction it also will expel aoe damage once it’s charge reaches a 100.

2. Morellonomicon- This item will increase your magic penetration and inflicts grievous wounds on the target.

3. Rabadon’s Deathcap- Damage, damage and more damage.


Sorcerer’s shoes are your best option as it will increase your magic penetration and brings the win percentage to 52.5%.

Final Items

Mejai’s Soulstealer is the culmination and ultimate item for this Annie build, with a win percentage of 81.7% you captivate the best opportunities to carry your team to victory. The remaining spot I leave to you as the player to decide based on the particular situation you are facing.

Skill Order

Following this skill order has a win percentage of 56.6%. Focus Q, W and then E for optimal performance.


The optimal Rune set up for Annie is Domination/Inspiration. With a win rate of 52.8% this build resulted in the best outcome.

Domination Options:



When setting up your runes for Annie you want to select Electrocute, Eyeball Collection and Cheap Shot.




Inspiration will require perfect timing and cosmic insight for Annie.

Overall Annie can be a lot of fun if she is played correctly, she pairs well against Ziggs, Swain, and Zed. She can be weak against Zilean, Karthus, and Fizz though so be wary when going against those three champs.

Do you main Annie? How do you build or play her? Tell us in the comments!