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AGDQ kicked off for the first time in the new year yesterday. ‘What is Awesome Games Done Quick?’ you ask? Let’s jump into it.

Games Done Quick is a gaming marathon that is held bi-annually and raises money for charity. It began in 2010 and is based in the United States. Volunteers play games at fast speeds (known as “Speedrunning“) for entertainment purposes. The event is livestreamed online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity. Games Done Quick also hosts a summer event, aptly named ‘Summer Games Done Quick’ that takes place in July.
The first Speed Demos Archive charity marathon was held in January 2010, and had raised over $10,000 for CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere,) a relief agency that works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

Following its success, the first Awesome Games Done Quick marathon was held in January 2011, and raised over $50,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.The first Summer Games Done Quick was held in August 2011, and raised over $20,000 for the Organization for Autism Research. Since then, both Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick have been held annually. Occasionally, other marathons are held for other events like Japan Relief Done Quick in 2011, which raised over $25,000 to support the Great East Japan earthquake victims.

Games Done Quick 2017 is raising donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that began in 1985 and has invested nearly $142 million in support of cancer prevention research, education, advocacy and outreach programs nationwide. The Prevent Cancer Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in the US that is solely devoted to cancer prevention and early detection. They have funded nearly 450 scientists at over 150 leading medical institutions across the United States, and their public education programs have applied this scientific knowledge to inform the public about ways they can reduce their risk of developing different types of cancers.

Games Done Quick streams a variety of games, from classic to current and across all the different platforms we all know and love. There’s bound to be something to intrigue gamers of all ages and game preference!


To learn more about Games Done Quick, visit their website here. Check out their stream schedule here and catch them on their Twitch channel. Donate to their awesome cause here and give them a follow on their Facebook page and Twitter!