A:IR concept art

Bluehole Studios has released new information regarding its new stellar MMO

Over the last several months, Bluehole Studios has been slowly releasing new information about their steampunk inspired MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm. The games official Twitter page has released brand new concept art. Showing off several new armors sets for different classes such as the Mystics (crowd-control DPSers), Elementalists (ice and fire mages) and Warlords (heavy-plate tanks). We also have confirmation of no gender locked classes.  According to a statement released in conjunction with today’s concept art:

“One reappearing question since the first A:IR announcement has been the query if all classes can be played as male and female characters. The answer has always been ‘Yes’ and today we are able to back this up with concept art for the Mystic and Warlord class.”

We received confirmation last November of a western release version of the game. With Black Desert publisher Kakao agreeing to publish the title in the west. According to a past statement by Bluehole CEO Hyo-Seob Kim.

“MMORPGs were very new [ten years ago], with World of Warcraft and all the others. But the play style [stayed] very similar as time passed on, so the players got bored with the system. They started looking to other genres of games. […] But there are still people who are used to the MMORPG. and, if a new game can give them a new experience they will come back and play again.”

Bluehole has stated that they wish to bring a more meaningful Triple A MMO. They desire less focus on grinding, and more focus and player experience and quest. With the developers of PUBG and a publisher which specializes in MMO’s. A:IR looks to be a promising game in a very social genre of gaming.

Will you be following this game or perhaps participating in it’s upcoming beta. Let us know in the comments below.