Turning Over a New Leaf

Well, it looks as if 2018 is wrapping up quickly. A new year is right around the corner and along with it the promise of many new gaming experiences to come. Before we hasten into 2019, I think that it is appropriate to reflect on what this last year brought to gaming. Many people are saying that 2018 provided a pop and sizzle in the gaming community, but we should know what those “pops” and “sizzles” actually were. As we turn over a new leaf in a new year, let’s see what 2018 has left us with.

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Kratos’ gruff roar is one of the many great things you’ve heard from 2018. Courtesy of Den of Geek

Titles to Remember

God of War

This year’s official game of the year is God of War. A continuation of the adventures of Kratos after he kills the entire Greek pantheon, we now see the aging Spartan hero living in the northlands and raising a son. He and the lad go on an epic adventure that eventually places him into the cross hares of another pantheon of spiteful deities.

This game has shown players that the “reboot franchise” is still a powerful game development tool. It seems that even in 2018 the best games are the ones that are not brought from original ideas but rather reinvented masterpieces.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has outdone itself with this game which became an immediate classic upon its release. Taking the role as Arthur Morgan, you lead a gang of cowboy misfits into being either a band of criminals our avenging servants of the people. This title has brought “player choice” to a whole new level in what exists on the video game market today.

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This game will leave a lasting mark on the history of gaming. Courtesy of

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The web-slinger is not without his catalog of great titles, but this most recent installment has topped them all. Guiding Spider-Man through a realistic New York cityscape, you must fight off crime syndicates, over-the-top supervillains, and even the clock itself in this open world adventure. Spiderman has never looked so good.

Many More Great Games

To save space and time, there are many more great games that won’t be highlighted in this article, but they will be mentioned. Games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Monster Hunter: World and Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate are great titles that have graced the game market this year.

Not the Greatest in 2018

With all of the great titles that have been released this year, there are a few that showed so much promise in the beginning, but ended up doing less “popping” and more “sizzling.”

Fallout 76

Bethesda has always been known to create incredible stories through their games. Unfortunately, their online continuation of the Fallout series has done nothing to help the story progress. In fact, this game has received such a bad reception that many gamers are receiving full refunds for digital purchases. The game is glitchy and rough on the eyes, and that does nothing to help Bethesda’s reputation.

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So much possibility, so few results. Courtesy of GearNuke

Sea of Thieves

Another game that showed so much promise was Sea of Thieves. This game began to fail immediately after its release because of its low replay value. The game would entertain prospective buccaneers for a time, but would simply start to get boring soon after. With as much technology that is accessible to developers today, especially Microsoft, one has to wonder why this title did not provide a more unique gaming experience.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has always been full of new and inventive ideas, but, unfortunately, Nintendo Labo is not one that can be considered fun. Giving players the ability to create their own controller mechanics, Labo provides cardboard designs that can be pieced together to work with the Switch Joy-cons. The problem is that the whole system is flimsy; cardboard and all. Though the Switch continues to prove that it is worthy of the Nintendo name, Labo looks like it will just be another misadventure for the company.

Honorable Mentions

There have been other commercial disappointments this year. Battlefield V has failed to perform, as well as Metal Gear: Survive. Many believe that World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth can be included on this list, but that is still widely debated among fans of the aging MMO.

2018’s Top Gamer News

Quite a bit happened in the gaming industry this year. Here are some rapid-fire news highlights of 2018.

  • Fortnite tops off as the world’s most popular video game, hosting a player base of 125 million players worldwide.
  • Microsoft acquired five sperate studios, as well as creating one new development entity.
  • Playstation pulls out of E3 2019.
  • The development of Elder Scrolls 6 is announced.
  • Call of Duty drops their campaign mode.
  • Playstation allows for console cross-play.
  • ESRB attempts to regulate loot boxes and microtransactions within certain games.
  • PSN IDs can soon be changed.
  • TellTale Games, Boss Key, and Carbine studios close their doors.

Much More Fun to Come

2018 is just about over and 2019 is right around the corner. Along with that comes the promise of many more incredible games across all systems. Who knows, we may even get announcements for the next generation of consoles this year.

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Are there any games that you think will make their debut this coming year? Let us know in the comments below.