Vol’jin, former Warchief of the Horde, had a few titles, and he died fighting the Legion.

Vol’jin was the successor to Garrosh Hellscream and was also the chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe of the trolls. He was the ruler of Durotar and Echo Isles. There was a vow made by him to lead the trolls just like his father, Sen’jin. He gave his life for The Horde just as King Varian gave his life for The Alliance. Two different rulers, two factions with a common enemy that eventually took their life.

Relationships with Other Warchiefs

Vol’jin lived in Orgrimmar for years and when Thrall was the warchief, he would advise Thrall. He assisted Thrall with many operations down to even retaking Undercity when Grand Apothecary Putress and Varimathras stole it from Sylvanas. When Thrall made Garrosh Warchief, Vol’jin did not exactly see eye to eye with him. He packed up and moved to Darkspear Isle and did not agree with the extremism and lust for war that Garrosh held.

He stayed loyal to the Horde through it all. Even the Zandalari Trolls wanted to create a new empire during Cataclysm. When the war went to Pandaria, Vol’jin and Garrosh were enemies. He even survived an assassination attempt by one of the Kor’kron’s Hellscream sent to murder him, then went into hiding.

image of voljin
Vol’jin by RinaCane

Ending Garrosh

While Vol’jin was in hiding, he was also working against Garrosh to try and reclaim the Horde to end Garrosh’s reign. After Garrosh was defeated and captured, Thrall chose its new Warchief, Vol’jin. He was also the first non-orc to assume the title of being Warchief. It was eventually fel¬†poisoning that claimed his life.

Sen’jin,¬†his father, was a witch doctor and the leader of the Darkspear Tribe of trolls. They lived on the Darkspear Islands. Sen’jin had a vision and then sent his son into First Home to be tested by the loa.


Usually, a troll as young as Vol’jin at the time would not be sent to the “First Home” to be tested. This was dangerous even for skilled trolls, but time was almost up. His father knew it. After his testing was done, he emerged a Shadow Hunter, but also knew of how his father would die and about the coming of the orcs. He learned many things from the visions given to him by the loa that day. That day, I am sure if you told him that he would have been made a Warchief of the Horde, he would have laughed at you and said “Dat is not possible” I could hear him saying it now as I write this.

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