Bless Online

The New Bless Online Content is all About Max Level Players.

Patala Raid

Firstly, there is a brand new raid coming to Bless. The instance is for a maximum of ten players in a raid party. Talking with the NPC Anahrata near the entrance of the ruins will allow players to enter the raid. Bless Online Patala

Players will need to be level 45 and have a minimum gear score of 8913 to enter. Only one lockout per week will be permitted.

Six bosses will meet players within the raid, including the final boss, Ananta. The Sword Body of Flogas will drop from Ananta when defeated. This will be a crucial material for enhancing weapons. As well as this, other loot includes the Storm weapon series and new legendary level 45 weapons.

Bosses between Ananta will drop other crafting materials, including Ananta’s Flame. The Flame will be needed for crafting the new legendary weapons. Contorted Wings of the Beyond and Contorted Chain of the Beyond both aid players in enhancing their armor.

Halloween Event

To celebrate the spooky time of year, there are many festive events taking place in Bless. The October login event will grant players 50 sapphires, 350 rose stones, and 230 beryl. Additionally, players will be granted a magic pet and mount animas, pet and mount skins, Nutrition Refreshments, and a companion skill change token. In-game, things are even more festive. The event itself will allow players to participate in several unique quests.

The first event, Candy or Corn, will allow players to obtain Cursed Candy by defeating monsters of the Cornus region. This will reward the Insightful Lens from the Other World. Thereafter, Mysterious Rumor will be available to the player. This will reward a mount upon completion. Finally, A visitor in the Dark will urge players into the Kuat Ran Raid. If successful, the player receives the Witch’s Charm Set.

“We know you love this time of year, and so do we. To celebrate it, we have a whole bunch of themed events for you to take part in Bless!”