The Art of Warcraft

The Hunter has the unique ability of being able to dominate and otherwise troll in World PvP. I myself find this to be more fun than any other mini-game within WoW. I will share my own method of World PvP in the hopes that you -my fellow hunters- will become expert assassins.

Most World PvP is confined to towns like Darkshire or Sentinel Hill. However, the real test of any hunter is Stormwind, the capitol of the alliance.

In order to safely secure kills without being seen by players or condemned by guards, a few basics must be followed.

The Pre-game Checklist:


First thing’s first is you will need to be an engineer. There are simply too many perks that allow hunters to become assassins in the dark. Among these are Goblin Glider kits and the parachute. Nitro Boost is recommended for hit and runs.


Marksmanship is the only choice here. Aimed shot when specced properly is what Ambush was to rogues in the early days of WoW. It is one of your main abilities, as it can one-shot undergeared players and low-levels and severely damage everyone else. Because of this, talents like Careful Aim and Double Tap are must takes.

Other talents that are a must are Camouflage and Murder of Crows. Camouflage gives you a one minute stealth and is pivotal for sneaking up on targets and positioning yourself within Stormwind Proper. Murder of Crows is great for a target on the run, and when combined with a Streamline and Double Tap Barrage–can be deadly.

Hi-Explosive Trap is the PvP talent of choice. Like Aimed Shot, it can one-shot a player using gravity alone. Stormwind is full of pristine views where players love to roleplay and AFK. As such, you will want to have this.

Posthaste is good for disengaging away from guards if you find yourself to be in bad circumstances. Ideally, you should never be in combat for more than a few seconds.

Talent Calculator for mm hunter

The Technique

Track Humanoids is essential. You will be looking at your map more than you have ever before. This is the first step to finding an otherwise hidden target.

Once the target is acquired, scope out the environment. Firstly, is the environment safe? Places such as the Trade District and Cathedral Square are in the heart of Stormwind, and as such–are poor places in terms of escape opportunities.

Moreover, what is the most efficient way to assassinate the target? If the target is in a high place, use Hi-Explosive Trap. The benefit of this is you will not break Camo. Even if the fall damage is not enough to kill your target, you can open with an Aimed Shot and then knock them to their doom. Or, you can surprise them with a trap. They will then investigate, and you can finish them off. Generally, the best method of attack comes down to falling damage vs. Aimed Shot damage.

Where is your escape route? Places where you can disengage and parachute to safety are ideal. As are places where you can hide in the water. (Players are rarely attentive enough to see you killing guards underwater.)

With all this preface, lets get into some illustrations of the technique. Below are a few places and methods for dispatching targets.

The Goblin Glider: A Fly-By Shooting

This method is not for the rookies. Sometimes the only way to assassinate a low level flying above, is to fight flier with flier. For this method, fly high above the target to give yourself time to prepare. Do not allow them to leave the city, as they will phase out. Barrage and Murder of Crows will likely be enough damage.

Target Acquired. Fly high.
Target Acquired. Fly high.
Fly By Shooting
With only seconds to spare, use Barrage and Crows.

The Stormwind Keep

The keep is almost exclusively the domain of the Hi-Explosive Trap.

step 1, acquire target
Step 1: Acquire Target
step 2, camo and parachute
Step 2: Dismount above target and camo. Then, Parachute.
step 3, trap
Step 3: Trap the unfortunate AFKer
step 4, giggle
Step 4: Have yourself a giggle.

The Harbor Overlook

Again, the Hi-Explosive Trap is the recommended approach as you won’t break stealth.

Two Ideal Trap Targets
Two Ideal trap targets. Bursting shot can take care of one…
Not enough height to one-shot. Not a problem.
The trap has been set. The target returns to investigate and loses its remaining health.

A Seaside View

The balcony overlooking the sea near the Mage Quarter is also a good place for shenanigans. The wall above it is my preferred vantage point.

Death from Above
Here one can be creative. A well-placed trap may suffice, but so will an Aimed Shot.

Happy Hunting

My last tip to all of you hunters out there is to remember our class lore. We are attuned with nature and with beasts. As such, our skills reflect that (or they have the potential to). Never engage when you cannot disengage. Deceive and trick a strong opponent. Lure them to you with a timely placed trap. Do this, and no rogue will compare. Indeed, if done properly–your targets will not even know you were a hunter.

“The turtle has a strong shell. The eagle has too weak a beak to break it. Yet the eagle’s arsenal is above and below. The eagle grabs the turtle, flies up with it, and uses gravity to break its prey apart. Gravity is the eagle’s beak.”