Gaming PS4

Gaming has withstood the test of time.

Gaming has been around in various iterations for generations. Not only has it retained fans and kept audiences energized, but it has even managed to grow its revenue year on year.

Whether it’s desktop campaigns, online gaming, MMOs, mobile gaming, or even more traditional handheld devices, gaming continues to be popular. Each generation, new players emerge, while older ones are more infrequently putting down their controllers. Our love of gaming is enduring and stands the test of time.

But how exactly does this successful entertainment sector manage to keep fans excited year after year? Why does gaming never feel like its growing stagnant?

Fresh Content

One of the greatest abilities of game developers is to consider what audiences might want to engage with next. In addition, game developers strive to provide them with a slate of games that end up becoming the flavor of the month. 2018 saw a rise in battle royale gaming. Previously, we have seen platform games, racing games, and first-person shooters all consuming gamers’ time.

The creativity utilized to create fresh content for these genres is also a major pull of becoming involved with the sector. Indeed, there are several examples which prove the very power of franchises. The success of the Crash and Spyro remasters proves this. The pulling power of Spider-Man, Batman, and even Super Mario are also a testament to this. When game developers create a character or world that people love, its power can draw old and new crowds in for years, sometimes decades. For example, gamers’ parents, gamers themselves, and gamers’ kids may have played games in the Super Mario series.

Special Offers

Of course, another method of keeping audiences engaged is offering them something additional to what they should expect from the game. For instance, Niantic and Nintendo often tour the country. They give out limited edition Pokemon during these tours. Gamers can download these Pokemon onto a game if they attend one of the purchase sessions.

For an online gaming example, as the free bets from Coral show us, customers have a range of options to choose from as a special offer when first signing up to the site. Exclusive game add-ons are often released, for instance with Call of Duty, to renew an audience’s excitement in a game. Even mobile gaming offers us something of added value for doing something extra. This can take the form of inviting a friend to play, for instance.

Competitive Gaming

The competitive element of gaming is partly what attracts people to the hobby in the first place. Only now thanks to the multiplayer nature of gaming online and the social element in various streaming sites, this hobby can actually become a way to earn a living, in the form of eSports but also in other iterations.

Twitch, for instance, with its 2 million viewers every month, enables anyone to stream the games they play. These streams can gain spectators, and depending on the kind of games and content that goes alongside them, can actually end up leading to a partnership with Twitch. This could go on to helping you secure a place playing eSports competitively. If playing in front of thousands isn’t your thing, the competitive nature of gaming itself when playing against the computer or even against your friends is still enough to keep fans hooked and keep gamers playing.

Video Games are Good for You

Perhaps one of the most telling reasons why video games keep us hooked still is that it is inherently good for us. Gaming has been proven to increase grey matter in several studies, literally growing our brain. It has also been shown to refine our motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Contrary to the popular old wives’ tale, playing games actually can help improve eyesight. Playing games helps strengthen our ability to think critically and to make decisions better. It has even been known to improve memory skills and to improve how we retain and store information. Ultimately, the majority of studies on the effects of video games on our health have found that playing games improves our lives and wellbeing.

Engage with Technology

Gaming would likely have lost a great many players had technology left us with a Game Boy and a PlayStation. Yes, they both were the height of technology at the time of their release. However, as we see more and more of what new technology can offer us, we’re eager to see new developments such as streaming and AI incorporated into gaming. This can span virtual and augmented realities.

Even strategic games combine many factors and input methods such as touchscreens and motion detection. The challenge for developers is always straddling the line between bringing in new technology that allows us to experience video games in new ways and making the content of the game strong enough to not be seen as a gimmick. Gaming graphics have already reached a saturation point for their human-like appearances, and sharper scenery gives us true escapism. Even the ability to interact with smart AI-based non-playable characters improves the technological strength of a game.

Ultimately, our enjoyment of gameplay combined with a fresh way of looking at a genre. Lovable characters, added incentives, the chance to prove ourselves, the implementation of new technology, and the beneficial effects of gaming all contribute to our continued love of gaming. The many plus points of gaming allow us to overlook even some of the major issues that we might find with gaming. And even though some days we might skip a gaming session, or weeks may go by and our consoles grow dusty, we will always circle back to them.