Beyond Limits

Cloud Imperium Games has some very big plans for the future of the industry. The Los Angeles based game developer has been working on a title called Star Citizen since 2012. Initially, the project began as a Kickstarter, but it far surpassed its original goals. To say that this game is an ambitious undertaking would be an understatement of its projected scope. To date, this game has been crowdfunded for a valuation of $496 million by benefactors from over 110 countries. Star Citizen has become a global project and is quickly turning into the largest single undertaking in the history of the gaming industry.

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Can something this amazing actually exist? Courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun

Recently, Cloud Imperium Games garnered an enormous contribution from father and son investors Clive and Kieth Calder of Snoot Entertainment. The duo gave a generous $46 million to the project to promote a “marketing war chest” for the 2020 release of the game’s campaign mode called Squadron 42The hype around this game is massive, and the money is certainly there to endorse it.

What Is Star Citizen Anyway?

Just in case this project has not crossed your radar yet, allow for me to catch you up to speed on it. Star Citizen is the current name of a space simulation title that allows for you to be anything that you want to be in a digital universe of nearly endless possibilities. The action of the game is set in a future where mankind is now living among the stars in space colonies and alien planets. The website suggests that you will be able to have jobs and even be able to enlist in the military. You will be able live among a society entrenched in high technology as a “star citizen.”

The full simulation experience will not be released all together, however. The full content of the game will be released in waves, and the first wave of this content is called Squadron 42. This will be the players’ initial encounter with the game, and it will be a solo campaign only. The developers have enlisted actors such as Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson to play key parts in the campaign. Their faces are digitally rendered onto the in-game sprites. Judging from the screenshots, top-tier rendering technology is being used to accomplish this.

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The aim of the developers is to combine film and gaming into one experience. Courtesy of Geek Tyrant

What we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg. Star Citizen is promising to be the most graphically enhanced interactive gaming experience ever created. Only time will tell if this title measures up to those predictions.

What Is On the Horizon?

Though an official launch date for Squadron 42 of Star Citizen has yet to be announced, it is projected that the game will come out sometime during the second quarter of 2020. You can continue to keep up with the news concerning this title on their website. There was also a good article covering the most recent investment to the game in Variety.

What do you think about Star Citizen? Do you think a game of this size and scope is even possible to create with today’s technology? Let us know in the comments below!