Unraveling mysterious puzzles moves players along an intense and captivating story.

Crystal Rescue is a puzzle based game that encourages you to solve levels by touching on a subject that hits home for everyone, friendship. The new game for Android capitalizes on relationships we hold with others. It reminds us to stay connected and to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles and has their own struggles and hardships.

Crystal Rescue started as a simple layout game allowing friends to play together. With a rough start New York-based developers VirWare saw the potential in their program and continued to develop a game that everyone would feel inspired to play. Even PC and console gamers. Taking nearly 5 years to polish the developers have finally come up with a product they loved.

Over 100 hand designed and elaborately decorated puzzles wait to be traversed. With challenging mechanics that are guaranteed to entertain, Crystal Rescue requires you to master crystals and discover the path they have created. A seamless progression of levels completely draws you in, unlike many ordinary mobile games.

Each world glimmers and captivates with its unique art style. Moving music scores heighten the senses and enthrall players and add to the in game cinematically. Hidden amongst special cues in the environment is an intense and adventurous story that begs to be played. With plenty of puzzle based levels and challenges, players are deeply motivated to unravel what mysteries lay ahead! FOR FRIENDSHIP!